Patio Heaters
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Let's Rent!
California Drivers License, must be a minimum 18 years of age to rent and
sign rental contract.

Client may call our office on the day of delivery for an "estimated" time of
delivery.  Estimated delivery times are "not guaranteed" which may and can

A completed Credit Card Authorization form is required for all rental orders.

Driver wait time is 10 minutes for delivery and pick up.  Wait time beyond
10 minutes will be charged to customer every 15 minutes at $20 intervals,
per staff.

Customer must sign the "Rules & Rental Agreement" and the "Hold Harmless
and Indemnification Agreement" upon delivery.  Note: Driver will not set up
the unit if customer refuses to sign.

E & X Party Rentals delivers equipment neatly stacked to one area that is
easily accessible within a reasonable distance from our truck, and where our
carts and dollies will easily roll.  Transporting equipment over grass, dirt,
sand, stairs, gravel, bi-levels, distant locals, or via elevators must be pre-
arranged at the time of reservation.

Schedule rental rates begin when items leave our  E & X Party Rentals
storage and continue until returned, whether equipment is used or not.  
Equipment responsibility remains with the customer when rental rates begin.

The inflatable bouncer can be only set up on grass, cement, concrete,
asphalt, dirt, or any other surface that is relatively flat.

Customer is responsible for electrical and water requirements.

Customer must ensure delivery path from truck drop-off to set-up point.  
A standard walk through gate is fine.  We'll bring the unit rolled up and it
will be wheeled in on a standard hand truck (dolly).  If a person can walk
through, the inflatable bouncer will be able to go through as well.

Customer ensures set-up area is dry and clean.  Please confirm watering
system is inoperable and set-up area is not wet/soggy.  Wet/soggy areas
will cause set-up to be cancelled at customer's full rental price.

Slightly sloped driveways are not a problem, we set up on them all of the

You must have at least 1 foot of extra space around the perimeter of the
bouncer.  The entrance side of the bouncer should be facing an open area.

We don't encourage setups near swimming pools; adult supervision must be
EXTRA attentive if we do


Absolutely No:
Silly String, shoes, glasses, candy, gums, sprays, foods, sodas, or other  
sticky substances.  If upon pick up cleaning of such items is required then a
$100.00 cleaning fee shall automatically be imposed.  

Absolutely No:
Wrestling, flips, piling, bouncing on sides or door way, pulling on net, wet
feet or wet clothing for any reason.
All inflatable's must be anchored at 4 corners.  (Our sandbags can be used
to secure the inflatable bouncer instead of regular stakes).

All rentals are final.